Black & White Infant Visual Stimulation Card

Black and white infant visual development stimulation card Visual stimulation is a very important part of his development. You can help your baby's brain thrive by providing stimulating visual input.

Unlike your adult eyes which can distinguish millions of differenct shades of light and color, your baby's eyes can only detect large contrasts between light and dark, or black and white.

The best stimulation for your baby's vision is using black and white or high-contrast stripes and shapes. There are many toys that you can buy with these patterns, but all you really need is a black marker to draw shapes and stripes on a white piece of paper - or you can print out this free black and white infant visual stimulation card (14kb PDF). If you'd like something a little more robust, you can get these infant visual stimulation patterns on pillows, mats, stickers and tiles.

The best distance to place the card is 8 to 12 inches from your baby's eyes. You can tape it to the side of her crib, the bottom of his mobile or in front of your car's baby seat - pretty much anywhere your newborn baby would otherwise be staring at a boring, unstimulating canvas.